DON BRADEN Discography

As a Leader
- CD: "Earth Wind and Wonder", Creative Perspective Music CPM3005 released May 4, 2018, with Don on tenor sax, flute and alto flutes, with Brandon McCune and Art Hirahara on piano, Joris Teepe and Kenny Davis on bass, Cecil Brooks III and Jeremy Warren on drums, plus Kahlil Kwame Bell on percussion.  Jazz Week Jazz Radio Chart debut at #10!

- CD: "Luminosity", Creative Perspective Music CPM3003 released September 15, 2015, with Don on tenor sax, flute and alto flutes, with his current working "Organix" Ensemble, Kyle Koehler on Hammond organ, Dave Stryker on guitar and Cecil Brooks III on drums, plus Claudio Roditi on trumpet and Sheman Irby on alto sax.   Jazz Week Jazz Radio Chart #3!

- CD: "Gentle Storm", HighNote HCD 7186; released June 2008; featuring the Don Braden Quartet: Don, with George Colligan, Joris Teepe, and Cecil Brooks III.  Jazz Week Jazz Radio Chart #4!

- CD: "Workin' - Live at Cecil's", HighNote HCD 7154; released March 2006; featuring the Don Braden Oragnic Trio "Live": Don, with Kyle Koehler, and Cecil Brooks III

- CD: "The New Hang", HighNote HCD 7117; released January 2004; featuring the Don Braden Oragnic Quartet: Don, with Kyle Koehler, Conrad Herwig, and Cecil Brooks III

- CD: "Brighter Days", HighNote HCD 7076; released June 2001; featuring the Don Braden Quartet: Don, with Xavier Davis, Dwayne Burno, and Cecil Brooks III. Yellow Dog Jazz Radio Chart #5!

- CD: "Don Braden Presents the Contemporary Standards Ensemble", Double-Time Jazz DTRCD-177; released December 2000; featuring Terell Stafford, Vincent Herring, George Colligan, Richie Goods, Ralph Peterson, Jr. Gavin Jazz #5!

- CD: "The Fire Within", BMG Classics/RCA Victor 09026-63297-2; released March 1999; featuring Christian McBride, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Julian Joseph, Orlando LaFleming, Mark Mondesir, Darrell Grant, Dwayne Burno, Cecil Brooks III. Gavin Jazz #6!

- CD: "The Voice of the Saxophone", BMG Classics/RCA Victor 09026-68797-2; released August 1997; featuring Vincent Herring, Randy Brecker, Hamiet Bluiett, Frank Lacy, Darrell Grant, Dwayne Burno, Cecil Brooks III, George Colligan, Jimmy Delgado, and special guest Bill Cosby. Gavin Jazz #4!

- CD: "The Open Road", Double-Time DTRCD-114; released September 1996; featuring Kenny Werner, Tim Hagans, Larry Grenadier, and Billy Hart. Gavin Jazz #16.

- CD: "Organic", Epicure BK-66873 (the Sony/Epic jazz imprint); released August 1995; featuring "Captain" Jack McDuff, Larry Goldings, Russell Malone, Winard Harper, Cecil Brooks III, Leon Parker, David "Fathead" Newman, Tom Harrell. Gavin Jazz #2!

- CD: "Landing Zone", Landmark LCD-1539-2; released January 1995; featuring Cecil Brooks III, Joris Teepe, Kevin Hays. Gavin Jazz #13.

- CD: "After Dark", Criss Cross 1081; released April 1994; featuring: Scott Wendholt, Steve Wilson, Noah Bless, Darrell Grant, Christian McBride, Carl Allen.

- CD: "Wish List", Criss Cross 1069; released May 1993; featuring: Tom Harrell, Steve Turre, Benny Green, Chris McBride, Carl Allen.

- CD: "The Time Is Now", Criss Cross 1051; released October 1991; featuring: Tom Harrell, Benny Green, Chris McBride, Carl Allen.

As a Co-Leader
- CD: "Conversations", Joris/Teepe/Don Braden, the "Trio of Liberty", Creative Perspective Music CPM3004, Joris on bass, Don on tenor sax & flute, and Gene Jackson & Matt Wilson on drums

- CD: "Full Circle", Vanessa Rubin/Don Braden, Creative Perspective Music CPM1002 with Vanessa Rubin on vocals and Don on tenor sax, flute and alto flute, with Don's current working "Organix" Ensemble, Kyle Koehler on Hammond organ, Dave Stryker on guitar and Cecil Brooks III on drums, plus Kahlil Kwame Bell on percussion

- CD: "Come Together", The Braden-Michels Project, CPM/JHP labels, released November 2013, featuring Don on tenor and soprano saxes, soprano and alto flutes, Julie Michels on vocals, Dave Restivo on piano, Kieran Overs on bass, and Daniel Barnes on drums

- CD: "Big Fun(k) Live", Don Braden/Karl Latham, Creative Perspective Music CPM3001, released Jan 2012, featuring Don on tenor sax and alto flute, Karl Latham on drums, Nick Rolfe on keyboards and Gary Foote on bass.

- CD: "The Strayhorn Project", Don Braden/Mark Rapp, Premium Music Solutions PMS 1400, released Jan 2010, featuring Grammy nominated pianist Gerald Clayton, drummer Greg Gonzales, bassist Rene Hart, and vocalist Sachal Vascandani.   Jazz Week Jazz Radio Chart #2!

- CD: "Pay As You Earn", Joris Teepe/Don Braden", Mons CD 2004; released April 1995; featuring: Tom Harrell, Cyrus Chestnut, Carl Allen.

As a Group Member
- CD: "Brotherhod", Don Braden/Joris Teepe/Lav Kushnir, released 2004
- CD: "Latin Genesis", Dave Lieman/Dan Moretti/Don Braden; released February 2002; featuring: Oscar Stagnaro, Mark Walker, Pernell Saturnino, Jorge Najaro.

As a Sideman
With Tom Harrell:
- CD: Tom Harrell Big Band, "Time's Mirror", RCA Victor 09026-63524-2, released September 1999
- CD: Tom Harrell, "Labyrinth", RCA Victor 09026-68512-2, released April 1996

With Freddie Hubbard:
- CD: Freddie Hubbard, "Live At Warsaw Jazz Festival '91", Jazzmen 660.50.001, released 1992
- VIDEO: Freddie Hubbard, "Live At Warsaw Jazz Festival '91", released 1998
- VIDEO: Freddie Hubbard, "Freddie Hubbard at Blue Note Tokyo", released 1991

With Art Farmer:
- CD: Art Farmer, "Silk Road", Arabesque Jazz AJ0130, released August 1997

With the Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars:
- CD: Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Stars, "Dizzy's World", Shanachie 5060, released September 1999

With Betty Carter:
- LP/CD: Betty Carter, "Look What I Got", Verve 835 661-2, released June 1988; 1989 Grammy Winner
- CD: "Compact Jazz - The Best of the Jazz Vocalists", released in1992
- LP/CD: Hal Wilner, "Stay Awake: Interpretations of Vintage Disney Films", all-star session from 1988

With Joris Teepe:
- CD: Joris Teepe and the New York Comes to Groningen Ensemble: "A Beautiful Friendship", released 2012
- CD: Joris Teepe: "We Take No Prisoners", Twinz Records, released 2009
- CD: Joris Teepe: "Going Dutch". Twinz TWR 604, released Summer 2005
- CD: Joris Teepe and the New York Comes to Groningen Ensemble: "Jazz In, Jazz Out", released 2002
- CD: Joris Teepe, "For Adults Only: Live at Small's", Arkadia Records, released August 2000
- CD: "Thank You: Our Tribute to Duke Ellington", Arkadia Records, released 1999
- CD: Joris Teepe, "Firm Roots", Via Belgium Records, released May 1999
- CD: Joris Teepe, "Bottom Line", Mons 874 770, released April 1996

With Cecil Brooks III:
- CD: Cecil Brooks III, "Live at Sweet Basil, Vol. 2", Savant Records SCD2039, released in 2002
- CD: Cecil Brooks III, "Live at Sweet Basil", Savant Records SCD2034, released in 2001
- CD: Cecil Brooks III, "For Those Who Love to Groove", Savant Records SCD2023, released October 1999

With Jimmy Ponder:
- CD: Jimmy Ponder, "Ain't Misbehavin'", High Note Records, released in 2000
- CD: Jimmy Ponder, "Guitar Christmas", High Note Records, released in 1998

With others:
- CD: Yuko Shigeno, "New Romantic Paradise", released 2018
- CD: Eric Riedman, "To Write a Song", released in 2018
- CD: Alexis Cole, "The Greatest Gift: Songs of the Season", Motema Records, released 2017
- CD: Phyllis Blandford, "Edgewalker" (co-producer and arranger), released in 2016
- CD: Louise Baranger, "Plays the Great American Groove Book", released in 2016
- CD: Eric Olsen, "Sea Changes", released in 2015
- CD: Dave Stryker, "Messin' with Mr. T.", StrikeZone Records, released in 2015
- CD: Laszlo Gordony, "Life in Real Time", released in 2014
- CD: Peter Hand Big Band, "Out of Hand", HighNote Records, released in 2014
- CD: Bill Warfield, "A Window That Looks on the Moon", released in 2013
- CD: "Jam Session, Vol. 4" w Steven Riley, et al., Steeplechase, released 2011
- CD: Ron Jackson, "Flubby Dubby", released 2011
- CD: Gia Notte, "Shades" (arranger), released 2010
- CD: Peter Hand Big Band, "The Wizard of Jazz", HighNote Records, released in 2009
- CD: Paris Red, "Impromptu (Live at Cecil's)", released in 2009
- CD: Gia Notte, "Just You, Just Me - Live at Cecil's" (co-producer/arranger), released 2008
- CD: Joyce Kouffman, "Who Has Not Been Touched", JoyceJazz, released 2005
- CD: Angela Hagenbach, "Poetry of Love" (co-producer), Amazon Records, released February 2004
- CD: Renato Chicco, "Terrestrial", Goga Records, released 2003
- CD: "Jam Session, Vol. 3" w Vincent Herring, Dick Oatts, Steeplechase SCCD 31526, released June 2002
- CD: Antonio Ciacca Quintet, "Autumn in New York", Splasc(h) CDH 849.2, released July 2002
- CD: Allan Harris, "Love Came - The Music of Strayhorn", Love Productions lpr0002, released in 2001
- CD: Nick Rolfe, "The Persuader", Bluejay BCD 5008, released in 2001
- CD: Arlee Leonard, "Wild Honey" (co-producer), Solajazz SJP 001, released in 2001
- CD: Lonnie Plaxico, "Emergence", Savant Records (soon to be re-released by Blue Note), released in 2000
- CD: Phil DeGreg, "Whirl Away", J-Curve Records, released in 2000
- CD: Xavier Davis, "Dance of Life", Metropolitan MR 1115, released April 1999
- CD: Jeri Brown, "I've Got Your Number", Justin Time Records, released 1999
- CD: "Jazz for Those Peaceful Moments", 32-Jazz, released 1999, performed with Darrell Grant
- CD: Greg Searvance, "Para Mi Madre", Meige Music MM08101, released Fall 1998
- CD: Darrell Grant, "Twilight Stories", 32 Jazz 32079, released July 1998
- CD: Jeri Brown, "Zaius", Justin Time JUST 117-2, released Spring 1998
- CD: Andy Laverne, "Stan Getz in Chappaqua", SteepleChase SCCD 31418, released 1998
- CD: New York Funkies, "Hip Hop Bop", Meldac MECJ30011, released 1997
- CD: Keiji Matsushima, "Brand New", Alfa Jazz ALCB-3903, released February 1996
- CD: Ed's Next Move, Orginal Motion Picture Soundtrack, Milan 35776-2, released 1996
- CD: Donald Brown, "Cartunes", Muse MCD 5522, released November 1995
- CD: Leon Lee Dorsey, "The Watcher", Landmark LCD-1540-2, released July 1995
- CD: Scott Wendholt, "Through the Shadows", Criss Cross 1101, released June 1995
- CD: Keiji Matsushima, "Something Like This", Alfa Jazz ALCB-3052, released January 1995
- CD: Winard Harper, "Be Yourself", Epicure EK-66368, released November 1994
- CD: Jeanie Bryson, "Tonight I Need You So", Telarc CD-83348, released May 1994
- CD: Valery Ponomarev, "Live at Sweet Basil", Reservoir RSR CD 131, released April 1994
- CD: Freddie Cole, "A Circle Of Love", Alfa Jazz ALCB-3027, released April 1994
- CD: Freddie Bryant, "Take Your Dance Into Battle", JazzCity Spirit TKCB-70158, released Nov. 1993
- CD: Lafayette Harris, Jr., "Lafayette Is Here", Muse 5507, released October 1993
- CD: Jeanie Bryson, "I Love Being Here With You", Telarc CD-83336, released May 1993
- CD: Stephen Scott, "Aminah's Dream", Verve 314 517 996-2, released April 1993
- CD: Melvin Rhyne, "The Legend", Criss Cross 1059, released April 1992