Don Braden proudly uses and endorses the Antigua ProOne "Classic Antique" lacquer tenor saxophone, as well as the JodyJazz DV  NY mouthpiece, number 9*. He uses and endoreses D'Addario Reserve reeds, number 3.0+. His soprano sax is a Keilwerth SX 90-II gold lacquer/nickel plate, with a Meyer #7 mouthpiece and D'Addario Reserve #3.0 reeds. He plays a R.S. Berkeley Volare concert flute (sterling silver body, plated keys), and a Sonaré (sterling silver head joint, plated body & keys) AF-60 alto flute.

His DAW/video PC is Dell XPS 8300 with a "sandy bridge" Core i7-2600 processor (4 cores, 8 virtual cores, running @ 3.4 GHz), with 12 GB of RAM, terabytes of storage, running Windows 7 64 bit, with a 24" Samsung LED monitor, and LG DVD Writers.

His Audio/MIDI production and recording studio is equipped with a Mackie 24-8 mixing console, Genelec 8040, Mackie HR824 and Yamaha NS-10 monitors, an Alesis HD24-XR 24 channel 24bit/96KHz hard disk recorder, a Tascam DA-78 HR 24-bit digital 8-track deck, an ADAT-XT, a Panasonic 3700 DAT machine, a Korg SG-1D Digital Sampling Grand Piano, a Yahama TG-77 synth, an E-Mu Proteus FX synth, a Korg EX-8000 synth, a Korg M3-R synth, a Yahama TX16W sampler and an Alesis DM5 drum machine. It all communicates via MOTU 2408 mkII digital recording system.

Don also uses and endorses Tetra Manhattan audiophile speaker systems, powered by a Xinpu tube amplifier.

His main recording and editing software packages is SONAR Producer X3, which he endorses and believes is the best value (and great quality) in recording software for the Windows/PC world. He also uses ProTools, Sony Sound Forge and CD Architect, and Vegas (for video editing).

Don Braden uses and recommends Jamey Aebersold play-a-long jazz products.

When the occasion calls for the very finest in designer apparel, Don Braden wears Blanc De Chine.

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